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It just does not make sense. How does this not peak more people???

They're not given the accurate reporting or transparency that society deserves. It is often only tabloids that will report on these stories and they'll even use the "right" pronouns, obscuring the facts of the story.

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This is like the Vatican moving pedophile priests from parish to parish, leaving a trail of traumatized children.

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Has he even had SRS? I don’t see that in the story, it just talks about hormones.

Not that letting this dude out would be okay even if he did have a dick inversion, but if it’s just x-sex hormones which have almost no effect on men, that’s even worse.

It is unclear, but my fault for the potentially incorrect title. I conflated one of the other articles on this man's case which state that he had a "sex change in prison."

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It wasn't SRS, just hormones. What do you want to bet this dude stops those as soon as he's on the outside. I give him a year before he rapes a little kid.

Some people just need to stay locked up forever to keep the rest of us safe.

Every comment on that article was spot on.

The only way paedophiles are less of a risk is if they’re castrated at neck level.