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Trans women are not male, they aren't even born male.

Ima stop you right there because I know there's only gonna be tomfoolery from this point onward.

I know, even though I've seen them say that sort of thing before, every time I read it still just makes me 👁👄👁

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Then what the hell are they “transitioning” from? Liars and morons, all of them.

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Just straight up denial of reality. There's no reasoning with these people.

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So, I generally made it a rule to stay off reddit in general and especially "lesbian" reddit unless following a link to somewhere else, but I had like a zillion invite codes just sitting there and I felt guilty for not handing them out (got to hand out like 10 in the past several hours, woo!) so I went where women need the most, lol: reddit. And now I'm looking at a the "lesbian" subs like someone looks at a train wreck they can't peel their eyes off of. Oof, it's really, really bad out there. Anyway, In addition to the above, I have just borne witness to a man referring to his penis as a "princess wand". Excuse me, but 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🙅‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🚫🍆➡️❌✨🔮🧚‍♀️👑🧝‍♀️ No, just no. https://ibb.co/gDWqHm4

ETA: this is from r/LesbiansActually, a post entitled "Would you date a MtF trans person" The post text says: "Hey, I want to know if you would date a mtf person when they stil have their princess wand. Thanks in advance Yuki P.S. Sex is not related to the question it is only about romantic dating. Cause I want no sex till everything is right down there"

All the higher upvoted comments just bluntly say "No." and nothing else, it's glorious. :)

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I know, how can I 'delet this' from my mind, lmao?

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Human beings did not evolve to appreciate the intricacies of a written language for me to read ‘princess wand’ 🤢

Where have you been where trans women talk about lesbians like it’s porn? The only time I see lesbians talk like it might be porn are the NSFW porn subs for women.

Guess he forgot that TWAW and they’re the ones in those subs talking as if they are lesbians.

What a fucking clown

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I honestly have less and less patience with this kind of thing. The "transwomen aren't born male/assigned gender at birth" thing now stops me in my tracks. Anything they have to say after that point-- there's no point in listening to. If they can't get that basic thing correct, then nothing they say after that is worth wasting time on. It's only going to be followed by more nonsense, then some mental gymnastics, then end with blah blah blah, transphobia.

Absolutely agree. You can read "trans women a literally female" (or any variation thereof, and just stop reading right there, no point in continuing. Not our fault if that can't be coherent and factual in the first damn sentence. Either words have meaning or they don't; if they don't I don't have to listen to a damn thing anyone says because after all they might as well be speaking a different language that I cannot even understand.

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That's like when you get stuck to some drunk guy at a bar who thinks he's a philosopher.

They all love to claim they're intersex--or, well, they used to, I don't think they feel as much need to anymore. But I know when my late ex-FIL was starting his "transition journey," he liked to claim that he'd been tested and found to have female chromosomes.