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“People” have been selling sex, eh? Bet the freak doesn’t mean the pimps.

And “men aren’t the only people buying it”? Where are all the female johns, then? Oh and your TIM mates don’t count.

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One of my libfem friends used to sell on onlyfans and she bought her friends' content too. Pretty sure it was just money moving in a circle between like 5 women who bought each others access and nobody actually made any net gain

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Its a perverse sort of feminism, see, women rape too! women can be paedophiles too!

I fail to see how trading sex for survival and resources is a good thing even if its always existed, though not on the level of damage and exploitation its causing now.

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Yes, we’ve all heard of all the multimillionaire businesswoman pedophilia rings of exploited young boys, and how some of these women pay extra to beat up the boys, and how every pathetic lonely woman goes to “clubs” to pay for the company of boys dressed in tacky sequin outfits to give the illusion that it’s a luxurious party, “People” always sold sex, and all kinds of “people” have always bought it. And female prostitution actually curbs the patriarchy, because... eh, because... women are making their own money! See? You don’t need to fight for those board / CEO positions or for STEM jobs! Stay in your place and make money as a prostitute! That will show the patriarchy who’s boss!

This might not fit in this sub, but I couldn't really figure out where it belonged.