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Out of curiosity, I did a cursory search about suicide rates of LGB people who underwent conversion therapy and this was one of the first articles that showed up:

LGB people who experienced conversion therapy showed greater odds of having suicidal thoughts and attempts compared to LGB people who had not experienced conversion therapy:

  • 92% greater odds of lifetime suicidal ideation
  • 75% greater odds of planning to attempt suicide
  • 88% greater odds of attempting suicide resulting in no or minor injury

Just thought it was interesting since they love to bring suicide up so much.

This isn’t even about “trans” themselves - it’s about TIMs demanding lesbians submit to their sexual demands.

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If straight women who had unwittingly married gay men made this kind of demand, they would dismissed as Karens.

I knew a woman who did that - and after he left her she got involved with a stereotypical AGP. What a bloody mess.

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You refusing my penis will make me commit suicide.

The only difference between an incel and TIM calling himself a lesbian is ummmm, nothing.

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You refusing my penis will make me commit suicide.

I see no issue with this lol

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I’ll bet it doesn’t kill TransWomen when it’s a straight dude saying it