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The comments...

I remember the first time I put on my skirt. I was so happy but the boner was like ya know, fucking up the pleat distribution.

I- i... can relate to this... almost 100%... except mine gave it to me... cuz she didn't need it... (Sure, she gave it to you).

So this has happened to me before. It happens whenever I do something anything remotely feminine (tried on lipstick, used women's body wash, etc.) and I currently identify (and have to up to this point) as male and was amab. I was curious if this might possibly imply something? Not entirely sure if I'm questioning or not, although I do feel kinda euphoric doing said feminine things? Idk dude.

Dude... sit down.. we need to tell you something

me but the other way around. i have sm trouble telling if i get euphoric or if im just a horny fuck most of the time i try gender affirming stuff

Yeah, it's honestly a super common trans experience. Not everyone gets it but it's the body's autonomic reaction to finally fucking feeling happy, so it manifests for a lot of people. Many times it lessens the more you get used to wearing gender-affirming clothing.

No, thats your reaction to... being and agp.

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It's like they all collectively forget that transvestites have been around forever, and they literally are just horny degenerate men. Now every transvestite is trans. Ridiculous.

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Isn't that just a normal boner, as the result of touching women's underwear and thinking about breasts?

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I can't comprehend how heavily upvoted that is. It's probably on the front page of the sub so kids can see it and think it's admirable behavior.