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Nevermind the fact that Marsha himself even SAID he wasn't trans...

[–] Stealthygal 16 points (+16|-0)

The fact that the OP is literally equating "saying a known black lesbian sometime drag king with a name did it" to "being a terf" says a LOT.

If people are going to equate attributing the start of the Stonewall riot to a person oozing with queer/POC/genderfuck credentials to being a TERF ... then it's telling us who is REALLY "queer" in this movement.

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I dont remember who said it but - "queer is spicy white" is something I have seen on twitter

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The TRA narrative completely discredits Marsha’s life’s work - which was activism for the rights of gay men. He did that. He actually was an important figure in the history of US gay rights. But he advocated for men. Because he was one, and that’s not just me being a terf, that’s literally how he identified. It’s just so disrespectful to ignore his stated identity (because self-ID is soooo important, until it’s inconvenient) and actual activism to prop up a shitty narrative that just so happens to ignore a Black lesbian. Why don’t more people realize how blatantly homophobic the blessed TRA origin story is? It erases a lesbian and a gay man. It’s homophobia all the way down.

[–] calming-tea 2 points (+2|-0)

They have the children mindset of all or nothing. Either Marsha single handedly brought about LGBT rights, or he didn't matter at all. They cannot look at a historical figure and see the reality, because they are expecting something that no one can achieve by themselves, so they have to obscure other figures to claim that their pet project was this huge person who did everything.

It's like when in middle and high school you learn just a few big names, but if you read or study history yourself you will see how many important people did things together.

They also demand a naivete from female activists, or all activists in general (but I have seen it mostly for women and POC). Most porminent is the narrative around Rosa Parks who for many was just a random woman who did something by mistake.

It matters if Marsha did it because as a man, he would have done it on purpose as part of his plant to fight for LGBT rights. It doesn't matter if Storme did it, because if she did it, it was just a fit of range and something without purpose so who cares if she did it. Storme stumbled upon this LGB rights thing by mistake; Marsha was a man who saw an opportunity and had a whole plan for LGBT rights.

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If it truly doesn't matter who started the riots, why make the point of naming anyone specifically in the first place?

Fuck OFF with the “transphobia” and “queer liberation” bullshit.