Nobody said anything about sexual abuse, and suddenly OP just slams it in there... Kind of like they know it is sexual abuse, but is too woke to admit it.

[–] Ungender333 [OP] 13 points (+13|-0) Edited

You're almost right. I said it might be in some cases, sexual abuse in the previous comment but they latched only to that, and that alone. They even said I suggested they're all pedo's which I also never said.

They tell on themselves.

I read it 2x and still missed it! But, yeah, obviously that was the part that hit home...

I didn't include my prior comment thats why. But this comment got me a hate warning from Reddit, which may mean my account is about to be suspended. For this. For advocating for the safety of children....

[–] Boudicaea 1 points (+1|-0)

I honestly think a lot of them are probably pedos, just like other men.

[–] RisingUp 16 points (+16|-0) Edited

He thinks large breasts= more milk.

Because of “the science of transitioning”, which is clearly special and not like the other science.

I think the “science of transitioning” he’s talking about involves a lot of TIMs repeating the phrase “big mommy milkers” to each other on Discord.

[–] Srfthrowaway 7 points (+7|-0)

Good point. It's amazing to me how many wen also think larger breasts = more milk.

Idiots. All of them.

I had less than a B cup before kids, and when I nursed my daughter and was overflowing with milk and could have fed an army.

[–] Boudicaea 2 points (+3|-1) Edited

Also, TIMs do not develop normal breasts from HRT. They are teeny tiny and weirdly placed. They are off to the side and just look bizarre. All the TIMs with large breasts have had implants. Although it's not just about breast size as you noted-- I am very small chested, but with my son I produced enough milk for five babies.

Even if TIMs are able to produce some fluid on the right hormone cocktail, I seriously doubt their "breasts" are capable of functioning like a woman's breasts. Pregnant women spend 9 months in a hormone feedback loop with the fetus, placenta, uterus, ovaries, breasts and brain, all prepping for birth and then breastfeeding. This is why pregnant women experience sore and sensitive breasts as one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms and throughout pregnancy. TIMs will never be able to replicate that.

[–] KissMyOvaries 4 points (+4|-0)

TIMs lack the supporting breast ligatures that are present in women. This is why their breasts always look unnatural. (Well, in part!)

[–] AdultHumanFemale 11 points (+11|-0)

Imagine growing up seeing photos of your dad breastfeeding you. How traumatizing.

[–] GoodGoneGirl 8 points (+8|-0)

Oof. And then learning about AGP :(

[–] levitation 2 points (+2|-0)

I think any child who grows up with an AGP father will probably have at least a vague idea of what it is by the time they're old enough to learn about autogynephilia and fetishism.

[–] Gini 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 5 points (+11|-6) Edited

I don't want to be that woman, but you said some things that are a bit over the top even if you are completely right. I think it's probably the "fucked up body" or the "you're sick in the head" thing . This wasn't good objective argumentation.

I know it's upsetting but we need to be able to talk about this in a calm manner to get others to see our point of view. This is not the way. And I am saying this as someone who often makes the same mistake as you because hell this shit is so infuriating.

[–] Ungender333 [OP] 17 points (+17|-0)

You know I appreciate that. I did feel like I "could've done better with this."

You know they called me a bitch before this too right? Its just so unfair what they can get away with. I don't think they ever got a warning for their behavior.

[–] GoodGoneGirl 7 points (+7|-0)

I think it’s fair game when they start using slurs. They won’t comprehend logic anyway, no matter how calmly it’s presented.

[–] Gini 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 2 points (+7|-5) Edited

I've actually gotten some TRAs suspended or banned from subs because i kept my cool and they started with the insults and I reported that comment. I know this because they informed me in PM with insults lmao

Some of the mods are quite good with this. They are not all biased. You just need to be lucky which mod sees your report.

[–] KissMyOvaries 1 points (+1|-0)

And women have to be so careful about what they ingest because certain things will end up in the breast milk.

And this isn’t even specie specific. Just go ask any dairy farmer… Living in a rural area, this is something I leaned when I was all of 8 years old. Cow eats the wrong thing, milk is ruined and needs to be dumped! (Think the whole tank!)