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Men are still centered when you refer to all of us as non-men.... 🙄

[–] GenderHeretic 31 points (+31|-0) Edited

Oh Jesus H Christ, do these people ever listen to themselves? The irony is off the charts.

[–] SamuraiGhostCat 23 points (+23|-0) Edited

“Jamaal” calling herself a “dyke” is a pretty weird clash, no? Like if she’s supposedly not a woman, she can’t reclaim a lesbian slur for herself. (I don’t believe in reclaiming slurs personally but understand if lesbians use that term for themselves... it’s their decision.) She can’t do both, come on... it’s just insulting.

And also weird for lesbians to avoid using the term “woman” at all costs, & center men. Like... since WHEN?!

[–] winterseconds 19 points (+19|-0)

what really baffles (frustrates, actually) me is that these people usually understand why saying "non-white people" is bad because it insinuates that white is the norm and anything not white is not normal. yet they go around using the term non-men, which also insinuates that men are the norm and anything that is not a man is not normal. i hate it here!

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I don't know what is more dehumanizing, defining women in terms of what we are not -- 'non-men' (the ultimate 'other', given that we are 50% of the population being defined as 'not' the other 50%), or in terms of a biological function -- 'birthing body' or body part -- 'uterus-owner'.

If we hear people using these terms we need to react strongly with anger and derision. "WHAT did you just call women?? Birthing people? Do you realize how insulting that is!?"

People need to be shamed for using these terms. Otherwise this hideous language will keep insinuating its way into common discourse.

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I was just thinking about de Beauvoir and her view that women are “other”- it’s peak othering to call us non men!