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It's because you're gay Nikita. That's why you think drag queens and TIMs are more attractive than women. You're gay. Doesnt mean they pass or are actually objectively more beautiful.

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I’ve never seen a cisgender female even come CLOSE to how my TIMs look

Well, they got that part right, at least 😂😂

Evidence (although we don’t need any):




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At least he seems to understand one thing- no "cis" woman will ever come close to looking like a TIM...❤️Therefore no TIM can look like a woman.

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He also said some shit like “trans women set the trend for cisgender females but don’t get credit”

All the more reason to reject the hyper femininity trend.

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It's funny, because more and more women are realizing that performing extreme femininity and getting plastic surgery make them look like men. A couple of weeks ago, my dad noticed a girl who was wearing fake lashes, hair extensions, and some kind of padded underwear that looked like a fake butt, and asked me if she was a man. I think she was a girl because she had incredibly tiny shoulders and was very short, but it's amazing how all the fake stuff she was wearing made her look like a man.

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This dude is such a piece of work. He can’t open his mouth without oozing insecurity. I remember when he threw a pissy fit because only bi men would date him which invalidated his gEnDeR iDeNiTy. I also remember when he paid a straight man to pretend to be his boyfriend and then got all butt hurt when they guy “cheated” on him with a woman. He’s the perfect example of why HSTS are not harmless or friends to women.

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It's ironic that Nikita is exclusively a male name where I'm from

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I’ve never seen a cisgender female even come CLOSE to how my TIMs look

So why they always tryin' to get with actual female lesbians?

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For all the money and access to plastic surgery he has, this guy is so miserable. If he's living his best life as his "true self", why is he always involved in drama? I remember when he literally hired a model to pretend to be his boyfriend on social media lmao.

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He's fucking ugly anyways. I wouldn't want to look like a shitty sex doll with fake looking boobs anyways, and neither would most women I know.

And you know what ? Straight men still won't ever want to sleep with him or date him, because he's a man.

And his "trendsetting" illusion really is the pretense of gay men who think they're here to school us about femininity taken to the next level. Take it down a notch, dude. I wouldn't want to look like that if you paid me.

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