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Exactly. And this is the reason I don't do pronoun declarations either. I don't believe I get to decide whether I am a woman or not. Nature decided that for me. My work is to learn how to accept it and live with it and maybe, some days, even kind of love it.

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Yes exactly. My plan if asked is to start saying that “everybody my entire life has correctly identified me as female” lol

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One notable thing about TiFs is they don't blame men for their trans related problems and cry about them gatekeeping manhood. They 100% know they are a GUEST and own nothing

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Because TIFs don't have male privilege or toxic masculinity.

They KNOW they won't be listened to. Men on the other hand, DEMAND to be listened to.

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It used to be like that, but recently I have started seeing more and more "gay" TIFs who complain and cry about gay men not being interested about their female anatomy and calling those men slurs.

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Oh yea lol gay people don't have the power to stand up to them that Straight men do