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"Although miscarriages are surprisingly common – experienced by approximately one in four women – there continue to be pervasive taboos around the subject. This is partly because around 85% of miscarriages occur within the first trimester, before most women publicly announce their pregnancies."

Hm I wonder why women are socialised into not announcing their pregnancy before the second trimester? Could it be because of how common miscarriages are and it makes men uncomfortable to think about women's grief and pain?

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Or they don’t make their relief public. I saw it first hand with an acquaintance. He announced his wife’s pregnancy without her permission because he was freaking out over having a fourth child and when she miscarried ( again something I don’t think she wanted to share) his relief was very palpable. I was not comfortable being part of this private matter definitely not his general relief. I felt really bad for her. I’m sure she would have liked some privacy.

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Many first trimester miscarriages are so early that women may never realize they're pregnant, especially if they aren't trying to conceive in the first place. Many pre-2000 women's health books informed by activist and/or radical feminism are quite forthright about it.

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I believe in El Salvador woman will be put in prison for 10 to 30 years for miscarriage...