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I've noticed this. Night and day treatment. This wasn't even an invasive hack, it was his own error, and people still admonished everyone to "respect his privacy" and not look or distribute. When women's nudes are leaked, they flood sites and men immediately start saving and swapping. The idea of asking men not to look out of respect is laughable and people roll their eyes and find a way to blame the women for taking a photo in the first place.

Right? His fans were flooding twitter with pics of his dogs to protect him since he apparently suffers from anxiety. My first thought was "since when did a 39 year old white man need protecting?".

And I like the guy, but still...

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Tbf, there were plenty of people saying that those leaks of female celebs' photos was an invasion of their privacy, but the links to their nudes were everywhere. Even if an article was outright condemning looking at or posting the pics, there would be a link to them in the comments. Whereas with Evans I haven't seen any promotion of the original photo, just comments and jokes about it.

Also, people have been making (flattering) jokes about Evans having a big dick, whereas with the "fappening" there were guys whining about the women's bodies being 'disappointing' or picking apart their supposed physical imperfections.

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The idea of asking men not to look out of respect is laughable

That's exactly it. All this "pls respect Chris' privacy" stuff isn't happening so much because people care that much about Chris Evans— it's because the people being admonished and reprimanded are mostly comprised of women.

Can't lie, as glad as I am that CE received much support from his fans and friends, I can't help but feel anger towards how female celebs in similar situations were treated. They had the face humiliation, ridicule and absolutely no protection at all.

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I wish I could believe that things have changed in four years; that their fans would mobilise to protect their privacy. However, I'm just too cynical to believe something like this would happen, even in 2020. After all, just in 2019, we had deepfake VR porn of (predominantly) female celebrities.

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Earlier this year, a basketball player "accidentally" leaked an intimate photo of him and his girlfriend. Didn't see the level of protection for his GF, in fact, people were requesting where they can see the clip.

And on a non sexual note, there's also males laughing at and wanting to see Megan Thee Stallion getting shot in the foot.

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Over and over, we are shown how men's humanity is respected, while women's is violated. The same men who are telling people to respect CE's privacy are the very same folks who have a folder of naked J-Law, etc. on their desktop.

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Doesn't this mostly boil down to the fact that most men aren't interested in seeing another man's genitals while women tend to be more socialized towards respecting people's privacy? I guess what I'm saying is: The people who share nudes of female celebrities are not the same that could potentially be interested in a Chris Evans dick pic. And the latter demographic tends to handle this type of situation differently. (Apart from gay men, but that group is small in comparison to straight men, so even if they share the picture - which they certainly do, judging by my experience of visiting gay internet forums - it won't have that much of an impact.)